Slim Reading & Prescription Glasses


Kanda Slimfold reading glasses are retractable and are fitted with a unique hinge folding system and a four-step adjustable sliding nose bridge. A small Phillips screwdriver with a magnetic head is included with each set. Kanda Slimfold glasses fit all PRESCRIPTIONS.

Slimfold eyewear longevity far exceeds the power initially prescribed for your lenses. Maintain a healthy eyesight with a lens magnification upgrade.

Kanda Slimfold frames are cool and unisex, foldable and collapsible, folding and unfolding with ease. Kanda Slimfold eyeglasses are so compact, they slide and pack in a thin snap-closure aluminium case of your choice (with or without pocket clip) shrinking to an incredible 12mm thick! 

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Lens size: 45mm x 24mm.
Optional: hard coated acrylic lenses by Kanda
+1.50 > + 3.50


Lens size: 49mm x 30mm.
Optional: hard coated acrylic lenses by Kanda
+1.50 > + 3.50


Lens size: 48mm x 29mm.
Optional: hard coated acrylic lenses by Kanda
+1.50 > + 4.00

Aluminium cases Without a clip

120mm x 50mm for SF001-SF002-SF003
Gunmetal, Brown, Black, Silver and Gold

Aluminium cases with pocket clip

120mm x 50mm for SF001-SF002-SF003
Brown, Black, Silver and Gold

Imitation leather case

120MM x 50mm for SF001-SF002-SF003


Lens size: 53mm x 31mm


Lens size: 54mm x 47mm

Aluminium case

130mm x 60mm, gold or silver for SF005-SF015


ULTRA TITANIUM with locking hinges & super flex temple tips, 53mm x 31mm.
Gold or gunmetal with gold or silver aluminium case 130mm x 60mm with pocket clip


52mm x 33mm
with navy aluminium case
130mm x 60mm, with seesaw pocket clip


51mm x 31mm
with navy aluminium case
130mm x 60mm, with seesaw pocket clip

Navy aluminium case

130mm x 60mm, with seesaw pocket clip for SF5330 & SF5346

Slight II 021

Lens size: 46mm x 26mm.
Optional: hard coated acrylic lenses by Kanda
+1.50 > + 3.50

Slight II 023

Lens size: 48mm x 28mm.
Optional: hard coated acrylic lenses by Kanda
+1.50 > +3.50

Slight II 027

Lens size: 49mm x 28mm

Slight II 436

Acetate front, Beta Titanium temples
Lens size: 49mm x 26.5mm

Slight II 0437

Acetate front, Beta Titanium temples.
Lens size: 49mm x 27.5 mm

Aluminium cases for Slight II

With clip or without.
Gold, black, silver, lavender, lilac, maroon.
140mm x 38mm x 20mm

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Repairs & Maintenance

To keep hinges and nose bar’s screws tight, use the Phillips screwdriver supplied with your Kanda Slimfold frame. With the help of a toothbrush and liquid soap, clean gently the Slimfold frame and the nose pads once a week. Inside the case, apply a piece of adhesive tape on the suede like fabric to remove dust and grimy substances.

All Slimfold parts are available for sale separately: Slimfold cases, temples, nose bars. For added comfort, we can widen your Slimfold frame by adding a fifth step position on the nose bar.

For peace of mind, we can engrave your phone number on the back of your Slimfold case. To maintain your Slimfold glasses performing at their best, a timely lens replacement to enhance your vision is available (hard coated acrylic lenses made in Japan by Kanda, from +1.50 up to +4.00). Screws and washers are free for our customers.

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Kanda Slimfold are optical frames and fit all prescriptions. A screw is situated near each nose pad to ease the lens in its frame.

Phone number engraved on the back of your Slimfold case
Slimfold temples & extra lenses (Pr) BY Kanda
Slimfold glasses fit all prescriptions

Kanda Slimfold, now an icon in the industry, are the best pocket folding glasses, compact and retractable, they slide and pack in a thin snap-closure aluminium case, shrinking to an incredible 12mm thick!